Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Great Distance Traveled

We had to move on.  The spot we were in was booked for today so we thought we should just turtle on down the road....about 10 minutes.
I ended up with a cold.    I was up coughing half the night.  So we didn't think we should travel too far.  If you look at the first picture we were parked right in the centre of that beach.  We are in the next town, Barra de Navidad.

This is on the way into town

And this is the town square

One of the streets in the quaint little fishing village. You can tell its a tourist town.

We decided to stay for a night or two, and pulled into the Cadillac ranch.   I'm sure the name has something to do with the owners caddy.  If I get a chance I will ask him.

This is our spot.   Not a bad camp ground but it's not on the ocean, so I dont know how Brenda will be able to sleep with out hearing the waves crashing.   We will see how it goes.

This is our spot.    It looks not bad we have had alot worse.The only problem is there is no water pressure so we had to fill our tank and use the pump.  The internet is slow, but not bad and the hydro is good enough to run the air, and they have a swimming all is good.
After we were set up we got on the bikes and rode back into town.  I needed some cough medicine, Brenda wanted to try the fish tacos to compare them to Sayulita's, and we needed some more limes.

They still have not repaired parts of the town from Jova the Huricanne, which hit here October 12th 2011.

They have an lagoon that looks quite nice and there are some canals where the rich gringos have there winter homes.