Friday, January 13, 2012

Barra de Navadad Day 2

Yesterday we road the bikes into town.Then walked around.  We went out onto the pier.

We thought we could walk to this resort but it is on an island, and you take a water taxi to get there.

This is the water taxi and the inner harbour.

Out on the pier they have a turtle sanctuary and hatching station set up.

We even got to see one climb out of the sand after just climbing out of its' shell.   They were going to release these little darlings at 8:00 p.m., and said they release turtles almost every night.   We wanted to go watch but couldn't make it back.   It certainly is something on our list of things we want to see.  

We hung around town for awhile and did some window shopping then we went to the market which is every Thursday. We spent some time wandering around there. We bought a metal tortilla press for 200 pesos, and Brenda bought a back scratcher.  Then we headed home.  About 3 minutes after we were home Brendas back went out so she is laid up, stoned on pain killers and muscle relaxants and can't move.     I was suffering from my cold.   Sorry we were both incapacitated so there was no blog yesterday.

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  1. You take great pictures----I enjoy your site--keep up the great work. I live in Calgary AB, and enjoy taking the trip with you. Stay safe, God Bless.