Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great to be back

We started today off with a walk to town for breakfast which was not very good.  Breakfast that is, the walk was not bad at all.  :)  We'll not be eating there again.   After communicating that Gerry is allergic to corn  (allergic in Spanish is alergico...not too hard to communicate), they brought us corn tortillas. Good thing Brenda was on the ball.   After that we went to the ATM and got some pesos.   We had been oggling some wares just prior to going to the ATM, and another vendor noticed us.   She decided to try to steal away the customer by telling us that the ATM didn't work and showing us another one that does.   Well, it turned out the one she dragged us away from worked just fine, and the one she took us to was out of money.    Once we realized she only really wanted to take the opportunity to tell us that she too was selling the same goods as the vendor we were at earlier, we weren't too impressed with her motives.    We didn't end up buying anything from either of them.  Then we went grocery shopping.  In Mexico in most of the smaller towns there isn't a grocery store you have to go to a bunch of different little stores for every thing.  We started at the Carnicero (Butcher shop)Bought a half kilo of carne molida de res(ground beef) 2 pechugas de pollo(chicken Breasts).and 4 Chorizo(sausage)and it was only 97 pesos.   The chicken would have cost that at home.   Then we went to the vegetable store and got the usual: Avocados, celantro, onions and tomatos. Then we went to the Mini Super and bought some eggs.  Down here they do not refrigerate their eggs they are just kept right on the shelf it sure seems strange.   Of course we couldn't forget Cervaza!  10 Pacificos for 100 pesos including the deposit of 7 pesos per.    By then the backpack was getting heavy enough and it was time to head back to Myrtle.

It was hotter than the hubs of hell, so we turned on the a/c and rested up and then headed into the hills for a walk.

I love the way they keep their sadles just hanging it in a tree.  He uses it every day.

Can you guess what kind of a flower this is we had no idea until we got close.
Egg shells!  Strange...and no, we do not know why they poked holes in egg shells and hung them on their you?

And this was the cow that didn't want us to go for a walk up the dry river bed.  After awhile it gave up and let us pass.   A little further down the riverbed we came across another bovine, this one was a Bull  that didn't want us there at all.  H started to chase us, and after a bit a guy with a horse came by scaring the Bull off.  We didn't get a picture of that one...we were too busy running!

These are pictures of some crazy tree they have down here I even leaned against it trying to hide from that danged Bull!  It sure did't feel good.

The rest of the pictures are from me fooling around with the new Camera.Thanks to all who helped with the donations.Its a Canon T2i and we got 2 lenses 18 to 55 and a 55 to 250.Thanks again and I hope every one had a happy New Year

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  1. WOW! The new camera takes GREAT pics!