Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sick Day

Yesterday we were pretty sick, this cold is getting us both down.   Plus these migraines are not helping; coughing when your head is splitting is no fun.  We went to the Pharmacy and got another round of antibiotics.   The last batch did nothing.    They gave us amoxicillin the first time, and cipro this time.   We stopped in a different pharmacy first, and were told that since 2010 it has been illegal to get antibiotics in Mexico without a prescription and they offered to send us to the doctor next door.   We declined, and went back to the first pharmacy who happily gave us another round.    We will have to look into that, either we and the pharmacy broke the law, or the other pharmacy was trying to pull one over on us.     
Yesterdays excitment around here was the bocce ball tournament.  It went on all day and is going again today.T  his is there 5th annual tourney.    They all seem to love it.    I have never played it and didn't get involved in this one because we have been too sick.

So the day was sitting around watching bocce ball and reading.    Plus the added bonus of seeing some whales.   I just looked up at the right time.  When the girls get here we are going out to get a close  up of this action.

That was it for yesterday.   Hope we feel better today so we can get some real adventure in.   We lost all our pictures from before Christmas so we are looking forward to replacing them with even better shots with our new camera.

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