Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another part of Sayulita

 We went for a walk today in another part of town.I had this idea if we walked along the streets by the  river we would get to the back side of a lot that was for sale.  It backs on to the river.

                     Brenda liked this picture of the dog under the car.   A dog keeping cool under a car keeping cool under a tarp.   Her and the dog's of Sayulita.  

                                                       We came across a butcher shop.

                                                 With the next customer waiting patiently.

 We stumbled on another yard full of roosters there were at least 40 of them.  Brenda thought this wouldn't be a good place to live; too early of a wake up call.

   This kid playing his guitar.He just set up his tent along the road in a small clearing.  He constructed an archway leading into his campsite, which we found curious.

  This is one of the biggest trees I have ever seen.   All I could think was it had to of been here before there was a town here.

 We had to cross the river, then a little way up the road we came to a barbed wire fence and Brenda wouldn't crawl under it so we never made it to the lot.    I guess that's for another day.

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