Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maddy and Ryleigh Day 1

We arrived safe and sound, but exhausted on Monday evening.   We didn't do much Monday night, a quick walk on the beach, tacos at our favourite fish taco restaurant, and then hit the sack.   Let me introduce the girls, Maddy on the left, myself in the middle and Ryleigh on the right.   So far they have been nothing but a pleasure.    It should be a fun week, estrogen 3, testosterone 1.   

Maddy and Ryleigh started the day with the beach,  the waves were a bit daunting for them at first.  

It didn't take them long to get into it.   I love this picture of Ryleigh, she looks like she is taking it all in. 

This random dog came bounding into the water right between the two girls.   The looks on their faces are priceless.

The dog hangs out for a bit, seemingly wanting to swim with them.

Suddenly, the dog realizes that this wasn't his family!!!  There they are.    Hilarious!  Watching this unfold I wasn't sure I actually got any pictures of the dog, I was so busy laughing. 

Gerry couldn't look any happier.

  There is an Iguana Sanctuary down the road from the Trailer Park.   The tree out front was full of them.  Spot the Iguana's.   There are four in the picture below.  (at least)

Gerry had a migraine coming on, so we decided to go for the shortest walk, over to Playa de los Meurtos.   The girls headed to the lava rocks.

It turns out Maddy likes to climb.    Ryleigh prefers to watch Maddy climb.

The walk to Playa de los Meurtos seemed too short, so we headed over to the next beach.    More rocks to climb...this time out in the water. 

They weren't along on the rocks, but the girls didn't seem to mind the crabs.

I don't think they were expecting the waves to come crashing in quite as hard and high as this.

Another priceless look on Maddy's face.   lol.  The two of them came off the rocks like drowned rats.    Sara can add 'getting ripped off the rocks by rogue waves' to her list of things she can worry about now.

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