Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miercoles 15 Febrero

The sun didn't want to come out today, so the girls chose to take a hike over to the caves between two beaches.    Every time we go there the sands are different.   The first time Gerry and I were here we walked upright through the cave the girls are crawling through in the next two pictures.     

See the dogs legs in the picture with Ryleigh?  There's something about these two girls that attracts our four legged friends.   This pup followed them around most of the day.

The cave Ryleigh is running through below was full of water when we were here last.

The tide was out enough for us to get a good look at the life on the rocks.    I imagine the snorkeling around these rocks would be treacherous, and these creatures are not often seen.

It didn't take Maddy long to start climbing the rocks.   


Ryleigh got right in there with Maddy climbing today. 

Inukshuks in Mexico.    

 Ryleigh creating.
 Maddy destroying. lol.  Maddy tried to break open a coconut by throwing it against the rocks.    Alas, there was no coconut milk on the menu this afternoon.    
 On the way back to the campsite we stopped at an overlook we have been on a couple of times before.  This time we could see the Sayulita Trailer Park.   The three brownish-orange buildings encircle the campgrounds.   Strangely they were not visible from this vantage point before.   We will have to go back into our old pictures to what brush or plants were growing in this spot before.   

We just had to include this picture because both Maddy and Ryleigh will hate it!   lol.   What faces!

 Gerry had a terrible migraine through the night.   I was surprised he was able to join us on our walk today.    He's still looking pretty darn happy.   He loves having the girls here with us.       

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