Saturday, February 25, 2012


It was parade day for the school kids.  A couple of parents brought horses for some to ride.

                                         This little one was sure dressed for the occasion.

                                 A couple of the spectators even got dressed for the show.

All the grades walked down the street and around town and ended up in the carnival grounds.Then they had all kinds of speaches,No idea what they were saying so didn't hang around for them.

The owner of the trailer park called me over to show me this plant.It was right outside of the room the kids were in and he was wondering if they dropped a seed.....LOL..It was right out side there room.
                                    This is what most of the streets around the carnival look like.

The owners of Choco banana were missing the girls.This is where they ate most of there meals.They did ask if they went home.

I just liked these carvings.   I didn't buy them though.


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