Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

adiós niñas

It was lazy and sad day as we prepared for the girls to leave today.   They were a couple of lobsters after yesterdays adventures, and were too tender to go horseback riding or surfing this morning.    We went out for breakfast, then just sat around talking after the girls finished packing.

Air Canada was impressive.    First they had us sign documents agreeing to stay on the premises until after the plane took off.     We all wanted to stay together as long as possible before sending them through customs, so we had lunch at the airport.    When it came time to send them through customs, an Air Canada employee escorted the girls through, accompanied them as they shopped for food for the flight, and made sure they boarded the airplane and were handed off to an airline attendant who was appointed exclusively to them for the entirety of the flight.     Once the plane landed, they were to be escorted through customs, baggage claim and not left unattended.   They were only to hand off responsibility to either Sara or Tommy.

We took this picture as they walked through the door into customs, I called out their names and they looked back.   I was quickly told that we are not allowed to take pictures.    Fortunately, they didn't confiscate our camera or delete the picture already taken.  :)    

When we got back to Myrtle we found a wonderful thank you note from Maddy & Ryleigh.   You are welcome girls!   We look forward to the next awesome adventure.       

We are also looking forward to the other 5 grandchildren and our niece getting their turns to come to Mexico for a visit.   For some it will likely be many years.    The awesome children in our lives range from 15 to 4 years old.     We will just have to wait until they are old enough to fly home alone (or their parents want to come with them)   

We just now got the update that the plane has landed in Toronto and the girls are already texting up a storm.  lol.   I'm guessing they missed that particular pass time while they were here.   


  1. Girls are indeed home safe and sound and super tanned(burn is subsiding\0...just thought i'd let you know that after you left Air Canada told the girls the 'free' service was 200 pesos. Maddy said she felt confident so told them they didn't need it but thank you anyways! She said they looked for you first to make sure they wouldn't get in trouble saying no! ha! regardless they got home perfectly fine. There was a nice older gentleman beside them on the plane who helped them fill out all of their paper work and a curious customs officer who asked them a million questions about why they were travelling alone so young!!! everyone is perfectly fine...thank you soooo much xoxoxoxoo

  2. Are you kidding me???? A complaint needs to be lodged about that!! I am so friggin appalled!!!