Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today we took the girls ziplining.  This is them all suited up complete with hard hat with name tags.  Maddy ended up Matty.  Ryliegh got to keep her name.  I think they thought they were fashion models or something.  

This is Matty on the highest one that we could see.

                                               And this is Ryliegh hanging upside down.  

                                                  They look like a couple of happy kids.

There were 13 different lines and it took them about 3/4 of an hour.   

They both loved it.  It was even more fun than when they went ziplining in Quebec.   Yup, we rock as grandparents.  :)   We thought about joining them, and once we saw how they slow them down we were very happy we didn't.   It looks very jarring....not great if you are trying to avoid additional pain.  

After the zipline the ranch owners asked everyone if they wanted to see a blood, no spurs.    Almost everyone said 'no', but one person said 'yes', so out they came, and every one of us decided to watch anyways.   It was sort of like looking at a car crash on the side of the don\t really want to see it...but you can't help yourself.    This Ranch raises them and trains them for fights, then sell them to people that fight them.  I dont know if I believe that or not more then likely they do fight them.   Fighting roosters can bring anywhere from $50.00 U.S. a piece to $2,500.00 a piece.    

                                    These are some action shots they really go at each other.  Roosters are extremely territorial if their are hens and chicks around.   The rooster is so protective of the young, he doesn't even let the hens eat until the chicks eat first.  

They broke them up before anyone got hurt.   Apparently, that is how they train them.   The thought of the cock fights to the death is absolutely horrifying.    

The kids had a fun day.They were a little tired, I think they are staying up a little late.  Probably drinking too much and running around town till all hours of the night while Brenda and I are sleeping.
                                                        Just kidding Sara   :)

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  1. oh ah ha ha ha aren't you just hysterical!!!!

    They look like they are having a blast--you do rock as grandparents.