Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yesterday and Today

We were going to go whale watching and snorkeling yesterday but it was too rough and windy so it was canceled.
So instead we took a bus to Bucerias so the girls could go shopping.

They have a lot of booths set up in this town.

                         The girls loved it, at least they said they did.  They bought a lot of crap anyways.

 We stopped for lunch and Ryliegh was too sick to eat so she got to watch us.

                 The restaurant didn't sell beer or pop so Brenda had to go next door and get one.

                                                             This is the beach at Bucerias

                                             Brenda loved this coin box on the bus.  It was home made.

And today it was surfing We signed the girls up for a surfing lesson.We met this guy, Rene, on the beach a month ago and he agreed to give them a lesson. After talking to other people they say he is the best one to get on the beach.  

Rene showed them all the basics on the beach before they went in the water.

                                                 They actually listened to every thing he said.  We weren't sure if they were hanging on every word or just gawking at him because he is so cute.   It turned out they were listening.   Brenda thinks Rene is a cutie-pie, the girls think he's an old dude.  lol

     This is Ryliegh carrying her board to the water.Suckie Maddy got the instructor to carry hers.

They didn't fall very often,  Maddy fell the first few times, and Ryleigh fell the last few times.   They must have caught 40 waves each.    They were exhausted by the end of the 1 1/2 lesson. 

                                                 They both got up on their first try.

And after surfing they were tired out but still had to carry their boards out. I laughed so hard watching Ryliegh trying to carry the board from the end.
They were ravenous after their lesson, we couldn't get a burger into them fast enough.   

So far, they both say surfing has been the funnest part of their vacation.   That means we will have to get them another  

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