Friday, February 17, 2012

The Biggest in Mexico - Elephant Beetle (Megasoma elephas)

Today was a rainy day.   We didn't do much of anything.   The girls spent the day watching Glee on their computer and we spent the day watching tv in the trailer.   We went out and picked up a couple of pizzas for dinner.   These pizzas gave a whole new meaning to thin crust, but were quite tasty.

While we were eating, Ryleigh had a fit...jumped up on the bench and was pointing at the floor.    Ah, yes, there on the middle of the floor was an elephant beetle. 

We have no pictures of today at all.   It's really too bad because Ryleigh's face was priceless.   Maddy went after it with a plastic water bottle, then suddenly realized she might want to drink out of it later, so switched to a shoe...which she threw at it..scaring away the beetle.   It promptly scurried into the bathroom where we could not find it.

hahahahaha,  The thought of the beetle will most likely keep the girls up all night.   They started to talk about statistics of how many bugs people eat a year without even knowing it.   I think they will sleep with their mouths shut tonight.   lmao

Here are a couple of youtubes of the Elephant Beetle, mostly found in western Mexico, especially in the forests near Puerto Vallarta.


  1. perhaps i do have a little of my father in me!! I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes...I can completely envision Ryleigh's face and can bet money that she was TERRIFIED to sleep last night!!!!! I hope that they are still behaving for you!!
    Sara (the one that they are torturing with all of the 'kids were up drinking' 'waves knocking them off rocks and sweeping them into the ocean' posts!!!!!)

  2. sleep??!! hell..I'd be on the plane home already!!