Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was up early had a migraine again so i went to the beach and watched the sun rise.If you click on the pictures they enlarge and you well even see the mist off the Ocean.

                     Just at sun rise all these black birds flew in.It was like the invasion of the crows.

 The first wave of the day.As soon as it starts to get light these guys are out there.It is actually darker then it looks the camera lightens the pictures.

   And the first wipe out of the day.Cant wait to see Maddy and Ryleigh doing this.The wipe out part that is.

                    Later on I went for a walk.I walked around Gringo Hill It took me over an hour.

                       I came across this wood shop look how old the ban saw is in this picture.

                                                               And the table saws

                 And the wood lath and they use these every day.Today they were making windows

 In mexico if you want a horse you buy one it does not matter if you own property because you just tie them along the road or if you are in a small town there are lots that just wander free.

Do you remember when I had the picture of the little black Porch I said if I see the guy I was going to ask if he wanted to sell it.Well today I ran in to him and he owns a red one to.But no way he would part with ether one of them.

 This motor home has been parked on the street since we first got here back in December.There is on plat on it im starting to think its abandoned to.There are parts missing from it.

 After my walk I stopped and bought a pollo asado Its BBQ chicken and it comes with coleslaw rice and tacos.I only bought a half chicken and it cost 45 pesos.3.50.It was enough for 2 meals.

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  1. oh yummy!!! I want to try that pollo. Was it as good as it looks?