Monday, February 20, 2012


 Ever wondered what happens to old carnival rides?   Well, we found them...right here with the traveling Carnies of Mexico.   WOW, these rides are old and rickety!   


 It didn't stop the girls from having fun, but they were smart enough to be wary of safety of these babies, and didn't go on anything big or scary looking.

Who can resist the bump cars?

hahahahahaha!   Eeyore!   Gerry was quick to point out that he was the only Disney character on this ride with a kid on it.   Somehow he thinks that means Eeyore is a happy go lucky character.   His kids nicknamed him Eeyore several years ago.

Ryleigh seems to like to fly.

The good old bucking bronco.   What goes up, must come down.

Now, this is the scariest part to me.....see how they powered all these rides?   They wrapped wires around the hydro lines and ran them into the park.     Holy friggin moly!  

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