Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Sick Day

Sorry again folks.   We're both still down for the count.   We won't be turtling on down the road until Sunday or Monday...more likely Monday.

We did achieve one thing...our laundry got done...but I doubt anyone would be interested in photos of that.   :)

We have a game plan though.   We will head to a campground near Tequila first, then off to Lake Chapala, next is Patzcuaro and then on to El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary.    We hope our timing is perfect so we get to see the monarchs begin their migration north....but aren't too hopeful.    Last year they began their migration on March 17th.   That is too long for us, we want to be home before April 10th, and don't want to increase our traveling speed above a nice lesurely turtle.  

Our northbound route to Texas will be:
San Miguel de Allende
San Luis Potosi

Buenos Noches Amigos

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