Monday, February 27, 2012

Turtle to Etzatlan

We turtled our way to Etzatlan today.   The countryside was beautiful.   We went from sea level in Sayulita to 4,500 feet here in Etzatlan.    It is a little farming town between Tequila and Magdellan.    We still haven't made it to Tequila, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps another trip.   It is about 45 minutes away from here.

We only have 297 pictures from today.   It is so hard to choose which ones to post. 

Anyone see Closet Encounters of the Third Kind?   Everytime I see a flat topped mountain it brings that movie to mind.
 As we approached this spot we were trying to figure out what that black stuff was?   Are they trees?   Are they rocks?   It turned out to be lava on both sides of the highway for about a mile long strip.   Beautiful.   We stopped to have a closer look.   I picked up a small piece and was amazed at how little it weighs.

Imagine our surprise as a donkey decided to jump out onto the highway in front of us as we pulled off Mex 15 Libre onto Mex 15 Cuato !!!! 

Now that's a lot of sugar cane!   Bertha lost her mind today, and took us 150 kilometers out of our way.   We could have gotten off of Mex 15 at Magdelena and been here within 20 kilometers, but instead she wanted us to stay on Mex 15 until she was good and ready to tell us to turn around and go back another 100 kilometers.     This road was treacherous!   The sides just dropped off about 3 feet into the construction area on the sides of the road, and as you can see, the lanes were none to wide.   

A random water slide at the side of the road.   I wonder if this is about as safe as the carnival rides? 

We made it to the campgrounds safe and sound and were greeted by these adorable creatures.    

   Man, they grow their bees big here!

Their trees are none to small either!

 With Myrtle all tucked in   for the night, we decided to go out for dinner.
Much to our surprise and delight, who are here but Sandy and Gord, a couple we have met twice before on our travels this year.    We first met them in Valle de Banderas, then again in Punta Perula.  

With Myrtle all tucked in   for the night, we decided to go out for dinner with Sandy and Gord.         

mmmm...something looks yummy.
 Sandy and Gord have been to Delias Campground in Etzatlan about 5 or 6 times before, and have been here for the last 3 weeks, so we just followed their lead and ended up with an excellent dinner.   Chicken Cordon Blu a la Mexico, and Chile Rellenos.  
 The Restaurant was interesting.   It had all kinds of stuff hanging on the walls, including this wooden saddle.
 While we were eating, we could see a cow walking around in their back yard.   I think the owner must have heard us talking about it, and saw us admiring the wooden saddle, because he invited us all out back to see his little urban farm.    They had chickens, goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, horses...and probably more.    He brought out this side saddle and saddled up one of his horses.    
 Neither Sandy nor I wanted to subject this little horse to having us sitting on her back, so we talked our waitress into riding her.     
How can you not love this kind of hospitality?   

It's been a very long day, I hope you enjoyed it, because we sure did.    It's nice to be tucked into Myrtle, ready to watch a little television and hit the sack.    I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  


  1. CLOSE.. Close encounters... not closet encounters.. Closet encounters are what the well-respected GOP senators inflict....

  2. LOL Lorelei, too funny.

    Bren - I keep meaning to check a map, are you near Cabo Wabo? It's the town Sammy Hagar opened a Tequila making business in, by far the best tequila we've ever had.

  3. Cabo Wabo is a long way from here. It is at the most southern tip of the Bahia Peninsula. Maybe next year, or the year after we will take a trip down that way.

    Dang typos! I'll have to remember to go back in and fix that. I do kind of like closet encounters...perhaps it was a sub-conscious oops. :)

  4. As he sees that you're being safe, Age is getting more comfortable with the idea of us visting you out there in the next year or two, maybe we'll plan it for when you're in the Cabo Wabo area, although the trip the girls tooks seems ideal :)