Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walk in the country

 I headed out of town today.I walked threw the country side.I walked for a couple of miles I kept thinking that the road would come to an end but it never did.I need to rent a scouter and head out here again I would like to see how far this road goes.

          There was a couple of field the only animals I saw were horses.And of course chickens.

                      I came across there recycling depot.I didn't even know they did this here.

Then the most amazing thing I watched this guy training his horse.He was training it to do the small steps I don't even know to explain it the hoarse keeps stepping but hardly moving.I watched him for half an hour.

Then later he comes riding up the road with it.I need to learn Spanish he didn't speak English and I know so little Spanish it was imposable to talk to him.

I headed back because it was getting dark out and I thought it looked like rain but it never came but it was dark all afternoon.


  1. geez louise! it's been almost a week! you are making me crazy.....please update often when my lovely (HA HA) girls are with you!!! lots of pictures too! but please please don't post the ones where they are hanging upside and look close to plunging to their deaths! you will think it's funny--i will pass out