Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi sorry its been awhile

 I have not been blogging because there was not much to blog about.I was sick for a few days then the rains came for a couple of days and they finally ended the day before yesterday.They left us with one of the nicest rainbows I have ever seen and at the same time of perfect sunset.It was Every one was on the beach just in shock at the beauty.

Also got one other picture of this guy stuck in the river.The rain had softened up the sand because every other day people were driving here with no problem.

Brenda and the girls are coming back today so there should be lots to blog about with them here.


  1. Can you guys post on here or on FB when everyone arrives so I know that my girls didn't die in a plane crash? now it's just the riptides, ziplining, falling from a horse, being eaten by a whale or knocked overboard by a whale and sucked up by the riptides, the kidnappers etc I will worry about...HA HA!

  2. don't forget the drug war Sarah, they could get caught up in that ;)