Friday, February 3, 2012

Market day

Yesterday I walked Brenda to the bus and that was about all I did.Migraines...
 Went for a walk today in town and came across this market.They were selling everything from Jewelry to rugs.


                                     They even had a couple of bands playing and a few people with guitars.

                                           I love the way they sell fruit by the cup 15 pesos

                                                      This sure looked good but I didn't try it.

                                         I never know about corn so I try to avoid most things

Could you go through life with this tattoo.I have nothing against tattoos but this is just over the top for me.

Your pet store down here comes to your door.This guy didn't speak English so I never found out if he raises these birds or just catches them in the wild.If he catches them that is something that needs to stop.

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