Saturday, November 10, 2012

Casa Del Sol - another day

We decided to walk into town today.   On the way we saw this place, so I dropped Gerry off.

hahahahahah....just kidding honey.    Gerry wouldn't stay, he wanted to go for a walk with me.   It turned out to be an hour and a half walk into town.    A three hour walk put Gerry to sleep for the rest of the afternoon (see...he should have stayed here), and me into the hot tub.          

The Redskins are the ONLY high school from the Rio Grande Valley to have ever won the State Football Championship, and that happened in 1961.   They are so proud of that fact that they display it on their water tower here in Donna.   What will they do if another town in the Rio Grande Valley ever wins one?     


This is it....downtown Donna...all of it fit into two quick pics.  Nothing to see here folks!!!    

We can see these grain elevators from Myrtle.   There are so many birds it's a wonder there is any grain left!   About six flocks like this one flew off as we were walking past it.     

Some of the homes reminded us of Mexico.

Orange orchard.   mmmmmmm

 Breakfs????  I think they need a new sign painter.


  1. Looked left and right for Myrtle and Albert... you were gone. Nice one, get up and go! Hope Albert gets well soon.

    When I first read the name Albert, I thought there's nothing really FAT about this ALBERT. And Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is with a P not a B. Einstein? Smart!

    Bon voyage neighbours. Look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. lol, yup, you got it! We named him Albert because he's smart. :)

  3. would you be able to tell us the name of the campground that closed in Cuidad Victoria, was it Rossas

    1. It was called Victoria Trailer Park. Yes it was Rossas I guess she died.