Monday, November 26, 2012

Isla de Iguada

We were once again internet challenged yesterday, sorry we didn't blog.   We worry that all our family and friends back in Canada worry about us when we don't keep in touch.    The Freedom Shores Campground in Isla de Iguada was beautiful, with nice showers, friendly people, right on the Gulf and good food at the restaurant.    Thelma, the owner says they will have internet from Houston within a couple of weeks, but unfortunately, we couldn't wait that long.   :)   We left this morning and headed to Campeche, but that is for our next blog entry, which may or may not happen later tonight.

The drive to Isla de Iguada was pleasant, but long and very tiring.   I was so tired, after exclaiming my fatigue, Thelma the owner said "I didn't want to say anything, but now that you mention it, when I first looked at you I thought oh my goodness she looks tired".    We were hoping to stay a few days to rest up.  

 So far, we are finding the East Coast of Mexico more expensive than the West Coast was.   Part of that may be the greater distance before landing in an area we want to stay for a while, and being able to travel short distances between campsites.   The campgrounds are more expensive as well.   Freedom Shores was 300 pesos a night, which isn't bad for one night, but that adds up quickly.   We are eager to find somewhere we can stay by the week or month.    

This area along the Gulf Coast as you begin to travel eastward is very swampy.   At first it seemed odd to see people selling fish at the side of the road...but there were many large ponds along the way.

 The cows did not seem to mind the swamp one bit.    I saw an egret sitting on a cow, but we were past it so fast I couldn't take a picture of it.   After that, I had the song "There's a bird on me" from Sesame Street stuck in my head.   Good times.  :)
Most of the road through the province of Tabasco and into the province of Campeche was like this. 

I wanted to stop and buy some of this awesome looking shrimp, but Gerry, being less adventurous in the food department was leery.    

This was the most expensive toll we have paid since leaving Canada.  210 pesos to get on this bridge that takes you to an island on the way to Isla de Iguada.   We just assumed this was, Isla de Iguada but soon learned that it was on the other side of this island...and another 203 peso toll.   413 pesos for tolls, plus 300 pesos for camping, plus eating out for two meals adding up to 414 pesos proved to be a very expensive day.  127 pesos...almost $100.00!!!!!   We decided to take it in stride....our travelling days will soon be fewer and further between.   

Drilling from a bridge????  huh?

Ah, Myrtle settled with a view out onto an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico.   The water is a beautiful colour.   So close to the water, we expected to be able to hear the waves last night...but it was very quiet. 

We went for a walk into town to use the internet and came across a baseball stadium.   

Hustle and bustle!

Have a look at the ceiling over these bleachers!   Yikes!  You wouldn't catch  me sitting in there to watch a game no matter how much I liked it...not even if one of our grandchildren, nieces or nephews were playing!  I'd watch from the sidelines, thank you very much.   

 A new subdivision.

 The Day of the Dead was three weeks ago, I guess these folks don't care. 

These two little girls were just the cutest!!

The town of Isla de Iguada from the top of the lighthouse.

If I didn't know this fellow was soon to be someone's dinner, I'd think this looked like a dog's life!  

 The stairs into the lighthouse were super skinny and steep!

We stopped at this restaurant for me to have a beer.   Ooops, I forgot to add that into the cost of the day....add 22 more pesos, plus a 3 pesos tip. 

There were lots of birds, we were hoping to see a Spoonbilled pelican,, we just saw the usual suspects. 

And finally, good night Isla de Iguada

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