Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hotel Torre Molino - Costa Esmeralda Day 2

This was a overcast day.   The sun never came out all day.   We thought a storm was coming in, but it did not rain, just spit a few drops now and then. So this was a day of rest and to get caught up on the internet. We did go for a walk up the beach for a couple of miles and these are some of the pictures.

 See the crab?  There were hundreds of them.  You could almost constantly see movement in your peripheral vision.   

 Some of them were 3 inches across and some were the size of a dime.

Lots of  trees and junk washed up on the beach.   This is the first bamboo driftwood I've ever seen.

The last big storm blew the tops off these palm trees.

I imagine all the beaches around the Gulf of Mexico have areas like this.  BP Oil and the like surely left a mark.

And this is where we are.  It;s a nice resort, but we are the only people here.

And this is where we are parked, all alone again. I am starting to wonder if anyone comes to the east coast by RV anymore. 20 mile stretch of beach a dozen or more RV parks and we are the only ones here.


  1. Nice meeting you. How much did it cost for your RV to stay at Hotel Torre Molino? Looks nice.

  2. Hey John. How far did you get today? We paid 300 But it did have internet and hot water,