Friday, November 23, 2012

We took it easy today and decided to do the tourist thing.   Catemaco is a lovely area.

We went to La Jungla.  It is an ecological area best known for movies being shot there, two of which are   Medicine Man, and Apocolypto.     It was a nice way to spend an hour or so, but it certainly isn't going to get any rave reviews. 

All the statues are replicas, the originals being in museums around the world.

The swing bridge wasn't very high, but I was pretty darn sure they were going over the recommended weight limit and there are crocodiles in these here waters!

I refused to walk over it until everyone else was on the other side.  :)

This is the hut Sean Connery lived in in Medicine Man.   These trees are fakes, but very realistic looking.  No trees were harmed in the filming of this movie folks!    

Tasty spring water.   One of their gimmicks to try to keep tourists entertained was to make a cup out of leaves and feed us water. 

These are seats for a theater....Imagine sitting on these for a couple of hours!   Youchy ouchy! 

Gerry was in awe of the size of this frond, so he asked me to stand beside it for perspective. 

Lake Catemaco...beautiful

Until you see these buggers!   Crocodiles!  Nope, you won't catch me in these waters.

The next attraction was the waterfall.    We were told to follow these signs.   Which we did, through 15 kilometers of the most treacherous pot holes we have seen yet.   We were glad we took Albert instead Myrtle, because there is no way we could have weaved in and around the potholes with anything with a larger wheel base than the little Smart Car.   Even with Albert there were times when we simply had to go with the flow.

It was worth every bump.

There are supposed to be over 200 different species of birds in the jungle.   We didn't see them, but the jungle is a sight to behold. 

   255 steps down and we were rewarded with this beautiful sight.  Of course we had to take the 255 steps up again...but still worth it.   Highly recommended.

We plan to turtle on down to Agua Dulce or Villahermosa tomorrow.   Gerry has been fighting a migraine all day, and I hurt from head to toe....we will see how much healing a good night's sleep gives us.   Agua Dulce is about 1 1/2 hours away, on the 4 hour  route to Villahermosa.        

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