Friday, November 16, 2012

Myrtle & Albert Reunited

As we waited to find out whether or not the part was released from customs to fix Albert, we decided to take a trip to the border to get all our paperwork in order, get our Mexican internet stick up and running, gas up Myrtle and purchase a Mexican cell phone.   It only took 4 hours to accomplish all that.    The 7-11 directly on the other side didn't sell telcel time, so we punched the closest shopping plaza into Bertha and ventured into town.     The first Telcel outlet went through all the motions, couldn't get it to work and sent us to the grocery store.   The grocery store did the same and sent us to the next Telcel outlet, who did the same and sent us to the Telcel Customer Service Center, who finally got our internet stick working for us.

When we returned to the U.S.A., they took exception to me taking pictures so they pulled us over, brought the dog out, and went through our fridge.   They confiscated two weeks worth of frozen chicken, our oranges and potatoes....all bought in the U.S., and went through all the pictures on the camera making me delete most of my pictures.    sigh.    They made a big show with the dog, going round and round Myrtle ordering her to 'find it'.     hmmmmmm.......we were wondering if there may have been remnants of smokables hanging around from when some younger, hipper members of our family spent some time in her this summer.                      

Feliz Viaje = Happy Trip.    What a nice sentiment on the water tower as you leave Texas and venture toward the border crossing into Reynosa, Mexico.

We are used to crossing the Niagara River to go back and forth from Canada to the U.S.A., crossing the Rio Grande River was quite the lunch bag letdown in comparison.


Returning to the U.S

Myrtle and Albert reunited

Our first stop after returning to Texas was the Mercedes Dealership.    After 10 days of having Albert, they told us that it would probably be another week before they would receive the part.   It seems they still didn't really know where it was, but thought it might or might not have reached U.S customs yet.   Given, next Thursday is Thanksgiving, he was reluctant to guesstimate any earlier ETA than Friday.    So....we took Albert with us, broken door latch and all.    We are heading to Mexico tomorrow morning, first stop Cuidad Victoria.     Neither of us will be disappointed when our memories of the Rio Grande Valley fade into oblivion.  

We have decided to give Mercedes San Juan 10 days to get the part.   If they have it by then, we will purchase it from them and have them ship it home, where I will pick it up when I return for Christmas.   If they don't have it by then, we will get someone from home to order us the part from the Mercedes Dealership in the Niagara Region and I will pick it up when I am home for Christmas.   In the meantime, we will fasten the door shut with a come-along and use the drivers door to get in and out.    Should be fun.   :)

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