Thursday, November 8, 2012

Casa Del Sol Day 2

We packed up to leave Casa Del Sol this morning because we felt it was too expensive.   I went inside to pay the bill, and managed to make a deal.   They gave us 50% off yesterday's quote.   $25.00 per night, is still expensive for the campgrounds we are used to, but it was a big sigh of relief.   We figured we would only be here another two days at most.

However, we since learned the end date may take us into next week.    Mid-afternoon we were told Smart Canada wouldn't release the part for our car to the dealership unless they had proof that it was still owned by a Canadian.   We had to find a fax machine to send them our ownership.    I had never heard of such a thing, but it has something to do with Canadian Customs and taxes.    The door latch has now been ordered, but we do not have an ETA.    I did ask them to expedite the shipping process.

There was a flurry of activity here in Casa del Sol today.   Every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. the farmers market comes to the little community.   I must admit as much as I found it amusing that the folks here were so excited about their 'fun' weekly event, it is very nice to have fresh fruit and vegetables brought almost to your door.   It reminds me of some of the campgrounds we stayed in last year in Mexico.        

Gerry was very psyched to watch Lang and O'Leary to see Kevin O'Leary's reaction to President Obama  winning a second term, so we got the Canadian Shaw Satellite and receiver out.   Last year we took a Bell satellite with us and it didn't work in Mexico....bummer.   It actually didn't work in the U.S. either.  

Shaw works like a charm.   What a disappointment that O'Leary wasn't on the show today.  Nonetheless, it is awesome to have our beloved CBC!    


  1. he was on on Wednesday, it was pretty entertaining, Amanda got quite pissy at him trying to change the subject and just started talking about her diet and exercise routine and then was like "oh, I thought we were just saying whatever we wanted, on topic or not" I LOL'd.

    I tuned in a little late so didn't get to see what he really had to say about the election or see Amanda rub it in his face and ask for her bottle of wine, although later in the show she did reference it.

    It was interesting too, he almost defended Obama in terms of the stock market dropping, he said, something along the lines of, "It didn't fall because Obama was elected, it fell because the election is over, it would have falled even if Romney won" I didn't catch his reasoning, I was too busy picking my jaw up off the floor.

    1. lol Morgan!!!! You said 'falled'!!! Did O'Leary actually say 'falled' or do I get to bust your balls?

  2. haha, I don't know what I was thinking, I'm sure he said fallen, or fell, and I'm sure I meant to type that, hahah. I can't believe I did that!! Clearly did not reread what I wrote, but seriously that's not even in my vocab.