Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flea Market - Almost feels like Mexico

We are still here in Donna, Texas hoping the part comes in in the next couple of days.   Even if we had the car fixed, we couldn't go today.  The wind is way too strong and it;s going to continue for the next couple of days.   With 25 mile an hour breezes and 50 mph gusts, you can see how strong the wind was looking at these trees.

 We went for another walk today and came came across this yard with at least 8 dalmatians.   We saw 8 of them and could hear more barking from the backyard.   They looked friendly enough, but were a bit loud.

Then we came across this flea market which was a lot of fun.   Hard to believe yesterday we walked for an hour and half to get downtown where there was nothing going on, when we could have turned right at the end of the road instead of left and arrived here within 20 minutes.

You can tell we are close to the border every booth and 95% of the people were Mexican.

We even got hit by a dust storm.   The amount of dust blowing around was amazing, it actually hurt getting hit by it.

There had to be 300 booths set up so it took awhile to get through the whole thing.

 They even had Mexican Viagra.

They do call this area northern Mexico, even the bathroom sign is in Spanish.

Tomorrow, if the car isn't ready in the morning, we will try to walk into Alamo.    


  1. we got a kick out of the viagara. Miss you guys.

    1. It struck my funny bone too. Miss you guys more!!!!