Monday, November 5, 2012

Galvaston Ferry and Bayside RV

The Galveston Free Ferry is delightful.   It is about a fifteen minute ride with dolphins following the ferry the whole time.   They never showed us their faces, but we caught sight of a lot of fins and a few tails.



Not exactly the kind of houses that come to mind when you think of Texas, but there are a lot of them in the Gulf coast area.  

 Last year when we drove through Texas there was a drought, and had been a lot of forest fires.   It doesn't even look like the same place this year.   The water levels are high and the grass is green.

We pulled into the Bayside RV Campgrounds around 2:00 p.m.      There are a lot of shrimp boats docked, but not one out in the bay.    I'm told they are expecting a storm today.   

    This is a rather unusual catch.

We were planning to go out for a seafood dinner tonight, but the car door wouldn't shut.   So, we tied it shut and called a Mercedes dealership in Corpus Christi.  It's an hour away, but it is the closest one, and it is on our route.  It happens to be only 3 miles from the next campsite we planned to hit. We have an appointment first thing Wednesday morning.   We will head over tomorrow and drop Albert off.

They told us they have no Smart Car parts, but might be able to fix it regardless.   If they can't fix it, there is a Smart Car Dealership in San Juan, another hour or two away, but also on our path to Mexico.

We forgot our Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping at home, it makes sense to order one and have it delivered to the campground while we wait for Albert to get fixed.    Neither one of us want to go to Mexico without that book.

It is 10:00 p.m., and the thunder, lightning and rain just started.   The breeze coming off the Gulf is wonderful.   Tonight I will sleep like a baby.  

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