Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stirred our Crazy

We've been stranded in the Rio Grande Valley for 9 days now, and were quite stir crazy when we woke up this morning.    A big part of it was the campground we were at.   We called the Mercedes dealership a couple of times and got voice mail, so we decided to pull the pin and go park Myrtle in their parking lot and our butts in their waiting room.  

We had the best coffee we've had since leaving home, so all was not lost.  

We finally got good service, but our predicament has not really changed.    The part has been held up at customs.   There really isn't anything that can be done about that.   Once it is released, it will take another day or two to get it here.  Tomorrow we will know if we are spending the weekend in the Valley from Hell or not.    Our choices will be, wait for the part, have them lock the  car door shut until we come back this way in March and have them fix it then, or keep the car door bungied shut and have them ship the part to us somewhere in Mexico and hope we can find someone to remove and replace it.    

Methinks we will wait for the part.

Tonight, we are boondocking at the Plaza in the Walmart parking lot.   It is free, there is security all night long, there is no sharp nasty grass, and for a change we are close enough to go to a restaurant....of which we have choices!!!!!!   Wow!  Excitement has returned to our lives.  lol  

Here is Myrtle settling into her new temporary home in the parking lot.

We even have the satellite hooked up and working in time for Power and Politics.   :)

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