Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Partless in Donna

Sorry we haven't blogged in a few days.   There really isn't much to tell you, but we thought some people might be worrying.   We are still stuck in Donna Texas waiting on car parts. They said it would be today for sure but it didn't happen now they are looking for a tracking number.
We went for a walk and came across the Botanical Gardens.

 By the looks of the place it has been closed for a few years. Every thing is overgrown.

Had to show you this crazy grass they have down here. See the burs on the seed pods they stick to every thing even your skin they are so sharp.

No walking around in the grass.   We are not sure if most lawns are sparse by choice because the grass is so horrible, or if the lawns are sparse because of the climate.   

The flea market was open again today.  We loved the look of these potatoes. They cut them in a spiral and put them on a stick and deep fry them.  Every one that we saw put Mayo on them they had ketchup but mayo was the choice.   

How many birds can you put in a cage.

When we first got here 8 long days ago, we got here after office hours and were told to go to the Log Cabin to register.   We couldn't find the log cabin anywhere.   Eventually someone pointed out this place to us.   huh?   Log Cabin?   Alrighty then.



  1. oh man you guys could have driven out to see the grand canyon and come back to pick up the car for how long it's taking. So boring!

  2. We actually discussed trying to find a flight to the Grand Canyon today. lol It's really not feasible, the nearest big airport is a couple hundred miles away, and the closest one (just a few miles away) is very expensive.

  3. ref the birds: heartbreaking