Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turtle on down to Ciudad Mante

We FINALLY left the Rio Grande Valley.   Our initial destination was Ciudad Victoria, to a campground we chose from The Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping.  You know...the one we had to order online and have shipped express to Donna Texas because we forgot it at home and didn't want to spend more than a couple of days in the area.   lol.   Well, the campground is closed down, so we picked another one two hours further south in Ciudad Mante.    The drive was beautiful.   We went from desert to scrub brush to flat farmland to mountains.      

This is where we are hanging our hat for the night.    

Myrtle and Albert all tucked in for a restful sleep.   We expect it to be dark and quiet tonight.

We took a short walk into town to get the kinks out. 

Neither of us have ever seen so many birds in one place before.   It was surreal.  Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this place.    Antonio (the groundskeeper) says every night at dusk they gather in this area.

Town square, just like every other little Mexican town we have been to, look for the church and you will find Centro.

Eeyore riding Eeyore!!!!   lol

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