Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Searching for a Smart Car Dealership

We hung around Bayside RV Park this morning to do laundry.   Why we didn't think to do it yesterday is beyond us.   We called the Mercedes dealer in Corpus Christi yesterday and set up an appointment for tomorow to fix the car door.  We set out to Corpus Christi around noon.   It was an easy 2 hour drive the speed limit is a whopping 75 miles per hour on a 2 lane highway.   It was mostly farm land until we got here.
  We saw this air craft carrier, and thought we should take a picture of it to show Mitt Romney what one looks like.   I think this one is a museum.   We went to the Mercedes dealer to drop off the car but when we talked to them they said they couldn't order parts for our car. Even though a smart car is a mercedes they can't get the parts, because they are not certified to work on them.  Now thats crazy. So now we have to go to the San Jaun smartcar dealer for Thursday, although they don't know how long it will take to get the part in.   We may be in San Juan a while.

This was our first choice for a park, based on their website.   It turned out to be a real dump.  They didn't even have washrooms, so we went to our 3rd choice.  Our second and fourth choices are on the water, but are another 10 miles away and we were getting tired and cranky.

This is a trailer at the Greyhound RV park, where we decided to stay.   It looks like it has been here for a decade or so.    

As you can see the lots are all jammed together. There are only 3 of us here that are not oil field workers.

This park is in passport America but they wouldn't give us the 50% discount saying they only honour it from April till October.So we had to pay full price 24.50.   We went across the road for Mexican food.   It wasn't as good as in Mexico but it was ok and gave us a chance to brush up on our Spanish.  hahaha...or should I say gave us a chance to realize we have to brush up on our Spanish.   It is amazing how fast we lost the little the knew.

Tomorrow we will head to San Juan first thing.    We still haven't found a place to hang our hat long enough to order the Guide to Mexican Camping, but I have a feeling we will be in San Juan for a few days waiting for Albert to get fixed.   No worries, the weather is awesome.   80 degrees during the day and mid 50's at night.      

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