Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Road to Catemaco

We were up and on the road by 9.   The bypass road around Veracruz was so easy I have no idea why the book we have made it sound so complicated.   Three paragraphs basically boiled down to "keep going straight".    All that we did was follow Bertha. There was some construction so it was slow going.  

 We were treated to a marvelous sun rise this morning.   It almost made us stay for another day, it looked so nice after that gloomy day yesterday.   Almost.   We are eager to get to the Yucatan and set down some loose roots.    

A common sight.   How many cows can you fit in a half ton truck?

This is what the road was like for most of the drive, plus a few good sized pot holes.

We went through a couple of large towns, plus quite a few small towns and they all had about half a dozen topes.   It is always slow going when you are not on a toll road.

Some pretty nice views along the way.

 And we did hit some rain for most of the day.   We left the sunshine behind us this morning.

When we got to the  Tepetapan RV park we  were invited to Thanksgiving dinner.   It was much appreciated, especially after a long day on the road.   Exhaustion is really setting in.

  There are 3 other RVers here, plus a few Americans who have made the apartments their permanent homes.    We haven't seen any other RVers on this trip so far, so it was very nice to socialize.   We have been following one of the RVers blog for a couple of years.  I am sure we will bump into John & Peggy in Xpu-Ha.   They are leaving first thing in the morning.   

We will explore this area tomorrow, tonight we rest.   Goodnight!   


  1. Topes is Spanish for speed bump. Mexican speed bumps come straight from hell. It is imperative that you keep a vigilant watch out for them. Sometimes you have warning, but sometimes you do not. Sometimes Mexicans paint them so motorists can see them, and then stand beside them asking for payment. Of course, they are designed to slow you down, but I believe they have several reasons to want to slow you down. It could be just because you are going through a town, perhaps children are in the area, but most often I think it is because they want you to stop and buy something.

  2. Actuallt MX are such agressive drivers, thay do not obey sppeed limits. If there were no tope's they would go through these towns at 100 Km/hr, school zone or not.