Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turtle to Progresso...right on past Merida

We were up early and decided to head to Merida. We found the camp ground and they had no water or electricity and it seemed very rundown so we left and headed to Progresso.
These are a couple of pictures of the flowers at Uxmal

The first town we hit was loaded with these Mexican taxies.

And we past a few of these trucks loaded with pigs.

After leaving Merida it was an 8 lane highway to Progresso. Progresso is a port city.   I'm sure this is the reason for the major road.   There was not much traffic, mostly trucks.

Just before Progresso we spotted the pink flamingos.

They sure are beautiful

After we got set up we went for a walk to the gulf to check it out.  We came acros this old guy coming in and he had some fish to sell but we passed on them.
There are hundreds of these beach homes in this area. They go for miles along the beach and about 4 blocks  away from the beach. A lot are for sale or rent.   But the beach where we are at, just outside Progresso is not that great so I wouldn't be interested in any of them.

This is what the beach looks like along our section.

Not nice at all.

This is the dock at Progresso, it goes out for a couple of miles.  You can't go on it, but there was a steady stream of buses going to get people from the cruise ships.   Transport trucks drive right to the ships to load.

The beach here is very busy with shops, restaurants, massage therapists, palapas, vendors on the beach and much nicer, but still....not awesome.   I think Crystal Beach is nicer than this.   Brenda sat here and had a mojito, while I took a chance and had a beer.    So far no migraine from it.... bonus.   It sure was good to have a cold beer on the beach.    


  1. Whaaat... right on past Merida?!!! Too bad the RV site wasn't up to snuff. I'm thinkin' Albert might make a few trips along that impressive connecting highway. Great to see first hand photos/thoughts of Progreso - hmm, not the nicest beach I agree. Will you be travelling to other eastern beaches in Chicxulub, San Benito, San Bruno, Telchac?

    One of my fav architects, Henry Ponce (Merida) recently completed a beach front home at 25.5 km, towards San Bruno. Looks spectacular on the web:

    Maybe you can check it out. Hell, $319.500... time share?!

    keep on Turtlein' C.

    PS You probably already know this but, the infamous Merida Carnival is February 6-13 2013. Maybe on your way back, although I've read you either want to jump into the crowded festivities or run the other way!

  2. Unfortunately a visit to Merida just wasn't meant to be this trip. We might stop on the way home, or we might make a side trip when we go visit Chichen Itza. We bypassed all those beaches. We really needed to get down to the coast where I am leaving Gerry for Christmas. We needed to make sure he found a place to hang his hat. Today's blog will show a few pictures of his Christmas home at
    Xpu Ha.