Monday, November 26, 2012

Turtle to Campeche & Edzna

  We didn't get a chance to blog last night, so we blogged this afternoon with yesterday's trip.   Now, we are back inside the resort to blog about today.

We left Freedom Shores at 8:00 a.m., Bertha calculated our route and informed us we would be in Campeche by 10:00 a.m.    As luck would have it, our day turned out to be much more exciting than that, and we turtled into tonight's spot at 2:00 p.m.   

It all started by me wondering if it would take any longer if we took the free roads instead of the toll road. (cuotas).   I asked Bertha and she told us it would take 3 hours and 45 minutes to get here.   Ordinarily neither one of us would have wanted to add almost 2 hours to our trip, but for some reason we decided to go for it.   As you can see from the map below our trip took us inland for a while instead of directly along the coast.    

We have been having some bad luck finding ATM's that want to give us any cash, and have figured out that Gerry's card works at HSBC ATM's and mine doesn't work at all.   There was an HSBC along our route, with just a short 15 minute detour, so we took it.

The road turned out to be through a small town, with small roads, and a very beautiful beach. 

We couldn't park close to the HSBC, so Gerry hoofed it, while I kept watch.    Our new friend Bob has been travelling with us since Catemaco.   It's been nice to know we have each others backs.   Here he is waiting for us.    5 minutes down the road, poor Bob got pulled over and in lieu of a ticket he paid the police officer 400 pesos.     We kept going down the road about 5 minutes, so as not to attract said police officers attention. 

Gerry returning to Myrtle.

The extra time paid off.   As we were travelling along the beautiful back roads we saw signs for ruins.  It turned out to be Edzna.   Edzna is not a very well known site, probably because it is so far off the beaten track.   Another 11 kilometers out of our way and WHAT A TREAT!!!! 

We had the place practically to ourselves.   We were allowed to climb some of the structures, there is Gerry on one, while I am on the one across from him.

This picture of Bob gives you some perspective of just how steep the stairs are.

I am not near as brave.   I sat my butt down and scootched up then down the stairs.    Not only is it a matter of being afraid of falling (heights don't bother me, it's the landing that scares the bejeezus out of me), but my knees don't take stairs well. 

Does anyone have any idea what this road sign means?   We sure don't. 

Destination!   I took one look at this pool and was in my bathing suit before we put Myrtle to bed.  It was so cold it took my breath away with every inch as I slowly immersed.   I didn't care how cold it was, I was going in this most inviting of pools.   Especially since this was the most expensive campsite yet at 350 pesos a night.   

We will be turtling tomorrow morning to Uxmal.   We don't expect to have internet for a couple of days.   We will be camping at the Uxmal Ruins parking lot, and may stay 2 days. 

It's now days end, so we decided to come back into the resort to blog.   We didn't bring the camera with us, and we are very sorry about that.   We walked into the lobby, and there slithering about 5 feet away from the couch I wanted to sit on was a rattle snake.    

We called the night watchman and told him there was a snake.   He didn't understand a word we were saying so he just laughed and nodded and started to walk away.   We said no no no, come see, a snake.   The way he was acting, Gerry thought the snake was a pet...then the night watchman saw it.  He stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes almost popped out of his head.   lol

He made some gestures to us, that made us think he was going to do something about it and off he went.  Sure enough, he came back...with a machete.   Yikes.   Well, he wasn't very good at wielding the thing, because the first swipe at the snake either missed or just bumped it on the head.   The snake reared up and started hissing and rattling that rattler.   This went on for about 15 minutes, the night watchman swiping at it, it getting more and more angry.   Gerry and I kept a very wide berth.    I went to the other side of the room and started blogging, Gerry kept watching until it was over.   The problem was the machete is curved, and he kept swiping at it with the curved side down.   I have a hunch he will be watching the  nooks and crannies very carefully for a while.

I sure am.     

Tomorrows travels.

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