Saturday, November 12, 2011

Abita Springs

Today we went for a bike ride.Way to9 far now I'm paying for it.
We went to a Gator ranch.We paid for the show it was alright, except the 16 dollars a piece to get in.  The guy told us a lot most of which I wont remember.Then we got to feed some marshmallows to them.They are all kept in barns that are heated so they will be at a constant temperature so they will grow faster.We couldn't afford to buy anything from the gift shop.Except some Gator jerky for Brenda so she could say she has eaten Gator... not me.The smell of the place was enough for me to never want to eat it.

After that  we went to a Brewery and had something to eat and to try out their different beers.Then it was a bike ride home.

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