Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today we went in Diamond Cave Didn't think I was going to Make it.We went in about 10 feet and all I could see was this long stairs down into the ground.Total panic attack.Couldn't breath almost ran but there was a bunch of people behind me so I was stuck.At The bottom of the first stairs the cave opened up so it was pretty big.And kind of neat but as we kept going down in a couple of places it got pretty small.And as we went along the guide would shut the light off behind us so there was no going back.The guide at one point shut all the lights out just so we could see how black it was.The old saying you couldn't see your hand in front of your face well you couldn't.But everyone could here me screaming real funny lets scare the guy who is claustrophobic.We went in a half mile then back.I have done that now I never need to do that again..


  1. ahahahhahaahhahahahahhaha is all i got! The sick twisted sense of humour you cultivated is coming to the foreground!! :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your dads irrational fears in the caves, so you are not the only one with a sick sense of humour. lmao There were times when he almost knocked me over trying to get out of a tight spot. lol