Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yesterday was a long day on the road. Gerry had a migraine and was quite sick with it.

He spent the whole day praying at the porcelain gods...well, our toilet is made out of plastic, but you got the picture.

This pictures shows a car accident on the OTHER side of the road, that caused a five mile backup on our side of the road. This is about 36 miles outside of Birmingham, Alabama, where we holed up for the night at a Flying J's gas station. The kicker is the back up on their side of the road was only 4 miles long....huh? Rubberneckers, and I have to admit I was as guilty as the rest, as I stayed slow long enough to snap this picture. The traffic picked up immediately.

I stopped at Occupy Nashville, Gerry stayed inside Myrtle while I went in to meet the folk who are working so hard to protest the social injustices in this country. You can see my pictures on facebook here: They interviewed me on livestream, it was fun to show my support to all their viewers. Two Nashville Occupiers were arrested a couple of days ago. It was quite the victory when the judge threw it out of court and gave the prosecuting attorney a lesson in Constitutional Rights.

It was a shame to be in Nashville and not go to the Grand Ole Opry. We may have to plan a visit this way during warmer weather. This trip, we are focused on getting south before it starts to freeze at night. It came close last night!!!!

This is Rick and Joyce Payette. We met them at Cave Springs campground in Kentucky. They left Sarnia, Ontario the same day and time we left Crystal Beach, Ontario. They are die-hard RVers, who sold their house and now live in their Turtle...which is much bigger than our Myrtle. They pulled into the campground the same day we did, and pulled out a few minutes before we did.

Last night we pulled into a Flying J's in Birmingham, and who do we see but Rick and Joyce...if they weren't here first, I'd swear they were following us!!!

Well, it's time to get my rear in gear so we can Turtle on Down to Styx River, Alabama. We are planning 4 hours of driving today, with a stop at a Casino smack dab in the middle. Gerry still has a migraine this morning, but it is mild in comparison to I hope he will be well enough in a few hours to enjoy gambling. :)

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