Thursday, November 3, 2011

We spent a second day in Cave Springs, Kentucky. It's pretty here. We had a laid back day.

The Diamond Cave was beautiful. I have pictures posted on facebook here:

After the mile trek inside the cave we headed over to Walmart to buy a new mattress and an electric heater. We bought some batteries, a battery charger, and some food. When we got back to the Myrtle it was chilly, that was when we realized we forgot to buy the mattress and electric heater. lol. It's going to be a long winter.

All evening has been dedicated to taking it easy. We have the first 6 episodes of a new television series called "Revenge", and we plan to see how many we can watch before we fall asleep. Tomorrow we Turtle on Down the Road to Nashville Tennessee. Country music anyone?

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  1. I will go into Walmart with six items on a list and leave with six items. Unfortunately, I still will not have bought the listed items. Brenda, you're still relatively young. Be brave. It's going to get worse.

    Paul and Helen