Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Another state.We ended up on Galveston Island.What a nice place.Everything here is new. I guess hurricane Ike wiped it clean in 2008, so they are rebuilding.  All the houses are on stilts about 20 feet in the air. It sure looks strange when you are not use to it.We had to take a free ferry to get here I  have no idea what is at the other end of the island to get off.  It seems the hole island is just a big sand bar.  Its beaches go on for ever.  Tonight we are camped at a state park right on the beach. It's so dark out here its one of those \I cant see my hand in front of my face nights.  There are no street lights around here.  Brenda wants to go for a walk but Ii keep saying did you forget that sign on the sand dunes.BEWARE OF SNAKES ON DUNES.Ya I'm going for a walk.

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