Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pvt. Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue


 Check out the water line in this picture! Wow!  Katrina was a bitch!!!


  1. I love Bubba! And shrimp! Did you buy some and cook them up cajun style? Oh I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want creole shrimp!

  2. We haven't bought any yet. Last night we missed the boat, and this morning it was so cold and rainy out we decided to leave Biloxi and head for a campground in Pass Christian. It is 25 miles closer to New Orleans. We will be staying at one of the AOR campgrounds that are associated with our membership, but not one of ours. So, it cost 9.00 a night to camp. Still an excellent price. The sun hasn't come out in two days, and our batteries are down about half way. We are also out of water because we only carried about 1/4 of a tank with us from the last place. We will be right on a maybe we will find some good creole style food there. YUM