Monday, November 14, 2011

Turtling down to New Orleans

We had a quiet day yesterday. Gerry did get that migraine we were expecting, and my back was in need of a rest. We took a little walk through the woods here in Abita Springs.
This is a perfect area to make a horror movie!

This is the oddest looking, very tall tree, the trunk at the bottom was so big around it would take two of us to wrap our arms around it, but it quickly became quite thin.

Does anyone know what kind of tree it is?

We decided we are going to leave the campground and head down to New Orleans today. It's very nice here, but we have been in the area for 3 days now and have been laying low. I am eager to see New Orleans, especially Treme. Fairgrounds racecourse is a casino/race track just north of Treme that allows RV's to park overnight. We will stop there first to see if we can park Myrtle.

On the map above, it shows our route coming across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, then shows 4 stops in New Orleans. #21 is a campground we might end up staying at, #22 is the Casino we hope to stay at, #23 is Treme and #24 is Bourbon Street.

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