Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is pretty close to paradise, in fact we will be staying here for the next 2 weeks.Then we will be flying home for Christmas. The park is called Sayulita Trailer Park and Bungalows.  It is about 27 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.   It is a surfing destination. Not a great place for swimming, unless you are a strong swimmer, but it's fun watching the surfers all day.  The town is alot of fun with alot of English spoken to some extent.  Well it's has been the easyest to comunicate with the shop owners, and the owner of the resort has taken a liking to me.  He has come over a few times to chat and even asked for some help parking a van next to us, and asked if I would keep an eye on it for him.  He is a 79 year old German that speaks about 6 different languages. A real nice man.  Most of the Rv's here stay for the season and most of them are from B.C,.not many Americans down here mostly Canadians.   If you stay for 4mths its $500 a mth, but one mth is $600.  We met a young couple from Massashusets.   Zach and Jill  have a 4 wheel drive van and are driving to Argentina.  They started in June and did 4 mths in the states camping , then went down Baha and ferryed across to mainland Mexico.   Now they're taking their time heading south.   Check out their Blog WWW.anywherethatswild.org .    We met them a couple of days ago at the Little Rig RV Park in La Penita.   I have nothing good to say about that park, except I will not be going there again.

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