Thursday, November 24, 2011


We  made it.  We finally left Guadalajara after fooling around at the Telcel store for a couple of hours.  We have had nothing but trouble trying to get internet here. Half the problem was they were supose to activate it when we bought it but they didn't.   Thats Mexico for you.  We found someone that could speak english and that was all we needed all along english.  Or mabe we should have learned some Spanish.    Then after all that Tecel does not work where we are.  Fortunately, the camp ground has one.

From Guadalajara to Aticama was a 3200 foot drop in elevation, so a lot of the trip was in second gear going down hill.  The brakes started to smell thats why we were in second gear to let the motor slow us down.   We made one wrong turn and it added a half hour to our trip.   After we got here other people said we should have kept going the way we were when we made the wrong turn instead of coming back around.  It would have been a better way to get here.

First thing we did was walk on the beach.  Wait till you see the pictures you will be wishing you were here.    Tomorrow we are going to ride the bikes into town and see how the other half live.   I think we are going for breakfast   Probably some taco stand.   Fish tacos for breakfast.

The beach is Ok to drive on when the tide is out but I dont think we will be doing that.  Finally no driving for awhile after a few days we might start heading for Puerto Vallarta, it's only 100 miles south of here.   I cant believe it but the tide is in and I can here the surf .  It will be a good sleep tonight. We are parked right at the beach looking out at the water. We even saw the sun set.

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