Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pass Christian, Mississippi - Wolf River RV resort

We turtled on down the road today, to the tune of 25 miles. After 3 days of boon-docking, we needed to find a campground to empty the tanks, fill the water holding tank, do laundry, recharge the batteries (no sun for 2 days), and of course have a long hot shower.

I haven't been feeling at all well the past two days, so I'm happy to stay put for a day or two.

I continue to be struck by the devastation from Katrina. 2005 was 6 years ago! Pass Christian has as many empty lots that used to be homes as Biloxi had. There are a lot of new houses, but I wonder what it used to look like around here.

Wolf River Resort is pretty. There is a little Bayou that runs for about a kilometer from here into a river...Wolf River of course. We saw some rags tied into tree branches with fishing line hanging down into the Bayou...not sure what exactly they are for. Gerry noticed them first because they look like alligator traps he saw on a show called "Swamp People".

Evidently, they hang meat about six inches above the water, the alligator grabs the meat and is hooked. The fishing line went into the either they are fishing for something else or the alligator is under the water with the hook in its mouth!

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