Monday, November 7, 2011

Last night in Alabama

Today was wildlife day on the path down by the river. We saw two snakes, a toad and this cute little guy. One snake seems to be a black rat snake, the other I haven't been able to identify yet. Evidently of the approximately 40 species of snakes in Alabama, only six are venomous.

I was about to walk across this log when I saw this little darling...nope, I turned around and headed back the way I came. lol.

Tonight we are packing up so we can Turtle on down to Biloxi first thing tomorrow. I'm feeling rested after 2 days of doing nothing but walking along the river and chilling.

We haven't decided where to stay in Biloxi yet. From what we have read a lot of things haven't been rebuilt since Katrina, so the Internet is not the best source of information for good camping spots on the ocean. It is only 90 miles from here, so we will have all day to sight see while we look for a parking place. Not sure how long we will stay there...maybe 2 or 3 days, unless we love it, in which case we may stay longer.

Even though we are the ones with the accent down here, I am struck by how much they change with every stop. The quote of the day "I'm just like a hair in a biscuit...I'm hanging in there"


  1. What kind of camera are you using?

  2. I love walks along rivers and in the woods, it looks lovely there

  3. Some pictures are from my BB, but these pictures are from the GE ASPHERIC digital camera. 12 megapixels, 5x. Nothing special, but it takes pictures! Gerry wants a really nice camera, but it's not in the budget!

    It is lovely Eileen, I love walks in the woods too. It has been a very peaceful, relaxing 2 days here. When do you head south for the Winter?

  4. You are only staying a few days in Biloxi? I thought you were staying a couple of weeks?

  5. The green striped snake looks like a garter snake to me. Looks just like Slick.

  6. We want to stay a week or two in New Orleans, Louisiana but only a few days in Biloxi, Mississippi. New Orleans is about 100 miles from here. Yeah, I was thinking the green snake was likely a garter snake too, but it was about 4 feet long....