Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We pulled out of Robertsdale, Alabama around 9:30 a.m.    When we passed a cotton field I couldn't resist stopping and picking some cotton.   Marlene Rosely posted on facebook and told me to pick some cotton for her...so I did.  lol.   I hope I still have it by the time I get home.   I actually had no idea cotton grew in perfect little cotton balls!   I really don't know what I thought it would be like...if I had ever thought about it at all.    It's quite delightful.  

The weather is awesome in Biloxi.   I think it was about 22 degrees Celsius today, and I expect it to drop to about 15 tonight.

I was lying here in my bed, looking out the window at the Gulf of Mexico, when Gerry calls out "look!  A dolphin!"   It was so awesome.   The dolphin was swimming around the bay for about 20 minutes, but we just couldn't get a picture.   It would only come out of the water momentarily.   

When we pulled into the Casino parking lot, a security guard came up to us and directed us to this parking lot instead.   We had no idea it was going to be right on the water.   The spot we are in is actually designed for RV's.   The security guard said "you can park for free anywhere you want in Biloxi, you will be safe in that parking lot because we monitor it all night long."

After going to the Hard Rock Casino and eating at the all you can eat buffet for $6.00 each (and losing $100.00 at the black jack table), Gerry and I took a short walk.    I was struck by the devastation this area experienced from hurricane Katrina in 2005.    There are quite a few foundations where houses used to be.

  I was exhausted, so we have been hanging around Myrtle looking out the window ever since.   I expect to sleep soundly listening to the wind and the ocean tonight.       

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  1. Gotta love free, monitored campsites!!!