Sunday, November 20, 2011


We made the big run  across the border.We ended up going 250 miles to the town of Saltillo.  It cost more then expected to get across the border.It was about 350 dollars and we were on 2 toll roads which cost another 34 and stopped for gas 2 times 64 and 63 dollars.  And the camp we are at was another 25.So it ended up an expensive day.  The only good thing is the gas only cost 72 cents a litre.We are at the Imperial Hotel they have hook ups for RV behind the hotel.
I liked the drive better here than in Texas.  More to see and so far a cleaner place then I expected.  The town of Saltillo is the place where GM and Crysler moved to, so there is lots of money around here.  Everyone drives new cars and all the roads are in better shape than ours.

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