Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Holy hannah! 780 KM in one day. What am I? Nuts? lol
We are holed up in a Flying J's just inside Kentucky, safe and sound, and
probably just a tad worse for the wear.

Once we got here it took about an hour to figure out how to set up my new mifi stick.
Evidently you can't use Canadian Credit cards for American devices because you
have to have an American billing address that matches it. Finally, we figured out
we could just buy a Virgin Mobile card and apply it to the broadband stick.
And Bob's your uncle, finally I'm online.

We made several stops at several Flying J's along the way today, and one stop
at Occupy Columbus. I'm too pooped to play with this stuff anymore today.
Tomorrow night we will be camped at a campground for a couple of days.
I will upload pictures then.

Thanks for following!!

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  1. very cool im just starting to read but it seems very exciting. Have fun!!!!!