Monday, November 14, 2011

New Orleans, Treme & Indians

After driving down Bourbon Street, we decided to head up to Treme and look for a place to boondock, and perhaps have lunch.

We saw a likely place to eat, turned down the first side street to park, and the gentleman in this picture told us to go ahead and park across his driveway. He saw our license plates were from Ontario and said "hey, have you ever heard of an Indian". Well, Treme is one of our favourite television series, so we certainly had. If you haven't seen Treme...look it is an awesome show about post Katrina New Orleans.

The mans name turned out to be 2nd Chief David Montana of the Yellow Pocohontas Indians. He invited us into his home.

The walls were full of pictures and plaques similar to this one.

The main Indian character Albert on Treme is based on David's uncle, a previous first chief, who has since passed his title down to his son, David's cousin. David's father was 2nd chief, and passed his title down to David....and on it goes.

Every year he sews a new suit, this one is from 2007.

This one is from 2008.

I will be uploading more pictures into my facebook as soon as I have a better internet connection. He invited us to leave the motorhome in front of his house while we ride our bikes or take a bus down into the french quarters, then to boondock right there. He assured us we would be perfectly safe. How exciting!!!! I wanted to take him up on his offer, but it really wasn't feasible. What a fabulous experience. As far as things that could have happened to us in New Orleans...I really don't think this could be topped.

The Boomtown Casino turned out to be a great place to boondock. We are parked for the night now. We went out for dinner to De-No Seafood and finished our day off with the best shrimp and clams I have ever had. Poor Gerry, had the worst crab cakes imaginable. Fortunately for him, the experience with the Mardi Gras Indian was enough to make up for it.


  1. That is so exciting!! Those outfits are gorgeous. If you were considering bringing anything back for Lara....not sure if New Orleans Indians are into dream catchers but if they are I bet they would be beautiful. Still loving the ads. I see a nice maternity one today....but they have started posting some other ones like stuff for migraines now.

  2. What a great experience! Too bad you couldn't have taken him up on his offer! His suits are beautiful! Gotta check out Treme!