Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No blog yesterday

Yesterday we had no internet.Yesterday we traveled up the mountains.We got to an accedent just as the tow truck got there.So we were stuck there for half an hour.We parked for the night at a Pemex gas station that had a place for RV that was fenced off and we were locked in.We walked down town in this little town no idea what it was called Brenda called it Dog town because there was dogs every where.Then we went to this little road side restaurant and we had a beer.What a fun time we had there trying to talk to them.   Trying to figure what each other was saying   was hilarious. I should have learned some spanish before we got here.

Then today we got up early and headed for Guadalajara.This is one big city 4 million people live here.We couldn't find the camp ground we just kept driving up and down the street, which was about a 4mile distance because it was a divided hwy.  Finally we found it and I had to laugh because I took a picture of the sign the first time we passed it.  We are going to take a taxi in the morning to a Telmex store because we need a internet stick for the computer.  We have been trying to get one since we got here.After that we might head to the ocean.

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